MEET Katy Lewis

Mystery Author

Katy has been a marketing copywriter, English teacher, and bartender.

Her nine years of piano, seven years of clarinet, and stockpiling a gazillion iTunes (you're welcome, Apple!) have not helped her achieve her goal of making Billboard’s Top 100 Performers, perhaps because dogs howl when she sings. Consequently, she turned to writing.


While To Kill A Mockingbird is both her favorite book and favorite movie, when it comes to her own writing, she leans toward mysteries with humor as her weapon of choice.


When Katy isn’t writing, she loves hanging out with family and friends and has been known to throw a wickedly good party at her little house in the big Midwest.

A Fool And Her Honey

Wannabe musician Pagan Johansson can't get a break. After she slathers honey on herself for her love Michael to lick off, he dies. Who knew the honey was poisoned? As if that isn't bad enough, the chief of police wans to slap a murder rap on Pagan. Her aunt is seeing dead celebrities, her hot ex-boyfriend worms his way back into her life, and Velveeta Marconi -- her less-than-sophisticated friend -- wants her to skip town and stay with her until they can figure out who done it.


Badly, going on the lam with Velveeta is Pagan's best option for staying out of jail. But any sense of relief is short lived, thanks to a die-hard NASCAR fan sporting a Jeff Gordon tooth tattoo. He's got friends in low places, and they just may hold the key to uncovering Michael's murder. When the NASCAR king makes it clear he wants a love connection with Pagan, she wonders -- "Can it get any worse?" As she starts to unlock Michael's past, it becomes clear that the answer is YES!

Just Here for the Boos​

Meet Kaycee Caraway, part Martha Stewart, part Inspector Clouseau. When she finds the body of her ex-husband Joey on his kitchen floor, it's up to Kaycee to find his killer if she ever hopes to get his spirit to pass to the other side and out of her life. It's bad enough his ghost is naked, but Joey doesn't seem to be in a hurry to leave.​


When her one source of authoritative help turns out to be a brooding detective who's down on women, she discovers her troubles are just beginning.


The skeletons that creep out of Joey's closet make solving the case thorny. Kaycee sure doesn't need the distraction of her irrepressible mother who wants her to find a good man, her giddy father who's infatuated with a cat-lady, or her self-absorbed sisters who find fidelity too restrictive.

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