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Action-Adventure Author

LJ was an adrenaline junkie until age, wisdom--and a rather nasty scare in a cave--shook it out of her. Nowadays, she writes action-packed fiction from the comfort of her desk chair, often with a sixty-pound dog in her lap. 

LJ lives with her husband, three rescue Boxers, and (occasionally) their college-dwelling son. They live far enough from Chicago to enjoy the great outdoors, and there is never a dull moment in their peculiar little household. 

When not writing, LJ is active in emergency management, storm chasing, animal rescue, and Reiki.

Beyond Reach

While recovering a body from an undersea cave, Elizabeth Durst narrowly escapes an attack by a mysterious diver. Desperate to put distance between herself and her pursuer, Elizabeth accepts Stiller Coleman's sudden offer to join his cave diving expedition. 


Stiller Coleman has discovered a microbe that extends human life. Now he must venture deep underground to find the source before Sealine Drugs mogul Goren Herwich gets his hands on it. 


With the deepwater dive underway, members of Stiller's crew begin disappearing, Stiller starts exhibiting strange abilities and Elizabeth is trapped with the one man she thought she could trust, but who now may want her dead.

A Good Draw

ELLA BRYCE thought her life couldn’t get any worse. Getting fired from a prestigious job is bad enough, but being courted by a man who wears a purple wig is more than the celebrated young chef can bear. No matter that JAY MONROE is a rodeo clown, the bravest of the brave, he still swishes around in baggy britches and greasepaint. 


REV PARKER is the breathing image of the word cowboy. Swaggeringly handsome, the World Champion bull rider has all the cowgirls drooling, Ella included. But Rev’s got his own problems--like being the number one suspect in a string of bizarre murders. 


With both men in hot pursuit, Ella soon finds herself in a love triangle like no other. When she discovers Jay is disguised as a rodeo clown to find his father’s killer, she thinks she knows his biggest secret. She’s wrong again. And this time it could cost Ella her life.

The Dare Club

Nita Conroy has relocated to the most boring town on the planet. That is, until would-be boyfriend Brad Keeley spills the beans about a secret group of girls known as The Dare Club. 


During her subterranean initiation below the high school, Nita overhears a plan by contractors and school officials to embezzle millions of dollars in grant money. When she is betrayed, The Dare Club's pranks become deadly serious. 


With the clock ticking, Nita will need the help of her new friends to expose the chilling plot--and hopefully survive long enough to snag a date to the Homecoming Dance.

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