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This is really gonna stuff your mushroom!

Does anyone else have a bunch of screen shots of recipes on their phone, or is it just me?

I’ve had as many as seven pics – thanks to a bunch of garbage thrown in – for a single recipe. I mean, when you finally find that recipe for Chickpea Cookie Dough Fudge, there’s nothing worse than having it sprinkled with 47 screen shots of how to make it and ads about saving money on car insurance.

Then LJ told me about the Copy Me That app. We don’t much like the same things, but in this case, we found common ground.

Copy Me That is simple, which is good since our techie abilities are on par with our surgical skills. I have an iPhone, so I can only tell you how it works with Apple, but it’s gotta be similar for Android users.

Just download the app and set it up – it’s free until you’ve got a gazillion recipes saved – and you’re set to go.

One caveat – If you stumble on the recipe for, oh, say, Cream Cheese Pancakes (a recipe I can get behind) and it’s on Facebook, you’ll have to get it off the actual website, but it’s simple to do. Just click the three dots on your screen and choose, “Open in Safari.”

Next, click the box with an up arrow that’s at the bottom of your screen. Then slide the line of app icons until you see the one for Copy Me That. Select it. A small red circle will swirl around in the upper right of your screen and then a message will pop up that tells you the recipe has been copied.

Open the app (you may have to fully close it first so the new recipe loads) and, Viola! Your recipe is there without all the crap thrown in!!!! Seriously! You’ll get a picture, list of ingredients, and directions. If it all looks good, click the Confirm button. Boom! You’re done.

You can choose several recipes and it’ll make a shopping list for you. You can also tag recipes for ease of future searches, and you can rate and edit the recipes.

I’m up to about 120 recipes so far, and -- per my usual -- I’ve actually made two. But I’m ready for when I find that replacement for Aunt Wilma’s Fruitcake or, let’s be honest, Pecan Pie Cheesecake.

Happy foodgasms!

#food #recipes #apps

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